Why use PGP to contact Tachanka!?

Pretty Good Privacy provides encryption and authentication. These are both useful when communicating with Tachanka! about our services.

Encryption makes sure that only Tachanka! can read your message, and that only you can read Tachanka!'s answer. This way, you can ask Tachanka! anything without fear of other people finding out. Also, if we get a lot of encrypted mail, it is less suspicious if somebody sends us encrypted mails. Therefore, using encrypted mail is also a form of solidarity.

Authentication ensures that emails from your email address actually come from you, rather than from a third party masquerading as you. This is because email protocols were designed in the early days of the Internet, and without an extra layer of authentication, it is fairly easy to send emails with an arbitrary 'From:' address.

Our preferences

We strongly desire to communicate with people who use our services using encrypted and signed (authenticated) emails.

We require encryption to make sure that only you can read the information about our infrastructure and any access details we are sending you.

We require authentication to make sure that when you contact Tachanka! with a request - for example asking to turn off your services because you don't need them any more - it is really you and not somebody else pretending to be you.

We hope these are good enough reasons, but you are welcome to try to persuade us about an alternative. In the meantime, we see these measures as essential, since we want to provide your services only to you, and not to any malicious third parties.


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