Operational structure of Tachanka!

The technical and operational structure of Tachanka works at several levels. We attempt to describe some of them on this page.

Colocation level, configuration and maintenance of hardware

Tachanka maintains a couple of servers distributed throughout data centers around the world. Most of these servers are configured to host virtual private servers (VPS), currently implemented using KVM. This allows for complete isolation of separate software systems. In other words, a high emphasis is placed on security whilst optimising the performance of the services we provide.

Server level, configuration and maintenance of host systems

The host collective, Tachanka, is made up of members of the many involved collectives. Each of us knows at least two others involved; there is a strong web-of-trust, with the Tachanka servers acting as a cross-pollination ground for inter-activist education and support. The base systems are maintained with a minimum of services and a tight security policy; all systems run Debian GNU/Linux.

Virtual server level, configuration and maintenance of guest OS's (VPS)

Tachanka runs a number of the virtual private servers in order to provide shared services for the other machines. However, the primary aim of Tachanka is to enable groups that otherwise would not be able to afford a dedicated server to run their own, individualised virtual private servers in a secure fashion.

As of Feb 2021, we are able to offer VMs again in Europe. Please feel free to send other requests, we can still add you to a waiting list.

Service level and hosted applications


Tachanka hosts caching name services for the hosted virtual private servers, as well as authoritative name services.


  • Email is currently not provided by Tachanka, but it is possible to get accounts via some of the collectives involved: look at aktivix for further details.
  • Lists are also provided on one of the VPS. We are able to provide individual lists through some of the collectives involved (aktivix). If you wish to provide multiple lists, it may be possible to set them up under a new domain name. Please contact us for more information.
  • Encrypted mailing lists are another possibility; please contact us if you require more information.


One of the VPS is providing a Drupal farm. This is currently being used to host a few small Indymedia web sites.


Tachanka believes that anonymous access to the internet is a right, rather than a privilege, hence we provide a Tor anonymous proxy server.

APT repository proxy cache server

For faster software downloads and in order to reduce bandwidth usage and to cut costs, all virtual private servers hosted with Tachanka have access to a locally hosted APT package repository.

Static html mirror server

Tachanka supports the Indymedia network by hosting some mirrors of different sites.

This server also hosts some websites of individuals and small projects.

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