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Tachanka! Communications

The Tachanka! collective uses a number of different methods of communication, designed to facilitate efficient working whilst maintaining security. The following details some of the ways that you can get in touch with Tachanka! - and Tachanka! can get in touch with you!

Service announcements

tachanka-announce is a low traffic announcement only list used to communicate important changes in services provided by the radical tech collective Tachanka! to you, the end users of these services.

Everybody involved in administration of a system or service hosted with Tachanka! should be subscribed to this list, as it used to communicate important technical changes and maintenances.

Contacting Tachanka!

By Email

The Tachanka! Collective are keen users of GPG encrypted email. You can contact us via our mailing list: tachanka-collective [at] The GPG key for this list is available on public keyservers; the details are:

pub   4096R/0x64BFE970A454BF76 2009-05-27
      Key fingerprint = ED02 DA4D F6CD EB08 81C1  4504 64BF E970 A454 BF76
uid                            Tachanka! collective (schleuder list) <>
sub   2048R/0x69D0A4DF7F06DA04 2009-05-27

We encourage you to send a copy of your public OpenPGP key and to sign all messages. This enables us to authenticate communications and be sure that we are always communicating with the same entities.

By Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

For a live chat, we can be found on on channel #tachanka.

You can use an IRC client installed on your computer to connect to it. If your IRC client supports SSL encryption, connect to [ircs:// port 6697]. If you cannot use SSL for IRC, please connect to port 6667 instead.

You can also use the web interface with SSL or without SSL using your web browser.

When you join the chat, please be specific and patient while you ask your questions, as, while we're logged in, we may still not be around for several hours (sorry, we're just volunteers, too). There is no need to ask whether it's ok to ask, just ask your questions right away, and, if you need to go, please leave a contact address so we may get back to you, or copy your chat session to an email and dispatch it to us.

Backup contacts

These backup contacts are only guaranteed to work when the above contacts don't work.

Only in case the Indymedia IRC server becomes unavailable, you may meet us on the OFTC IRC network in #tachanka. If you prefer to retain your anonymity, install the TOR network client and connect to OFTC's hidden Tor node by directing your IRC client to irc://37lnq2veifl4kar7.onion:6667/tachanka. Generally, connecting to the OFTC IRC network is documented at

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