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Standard Operating Procedures

This page describes some baseline policies that we use in our routine provision of services. Where possible, we try to comply with the Providers' Commitment for Privacy (PCP).

Provision of virtual machines (VMs)

Wherever possible, we set up our infrastructure in a way that administrators of the Tachanka! collective have no access to the hosted virtual machines. Therefore, we have extremely limited knowledge about the data and the activities of our users. In cases where we are making backups for our guests, our backups will be opaque to the members of the Tachanka! collective.

  • We use a base layer of encryption on host servers.
  • Virtual machines have individualised block devices that employ a second layer of encryption. Consequently, these each require a separate, individual key.
  • We strongly encourage users of virtual machines to manage their own keys and passphrases independently of the Tachanka! collective.
  • The Tachanka! collective will communicate with the users about the technical setup of their working environments and, if required, will support them in setting up appropriate encryption.

Contact addresses

We encourage users to use publicly available collective contact addresses when corresponding with the Tachanka! collective. We don't store any other information about administrators of virtual machines that we host. We encourage the use of OpenPGP for encryption and authentication: