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How to contribute to Tachanka!

Unfortunately, all of the services provided from the Tachanka! servers cost money to run - to pay for the electricity, the bandwidth and new computer parts. We need to raise money now to help us pay for the coming year.

How to donate

There are several ways that you can donate, depending on where you live.

  • You live in North America.
    • Paypal: Use the invoice number 2001 to pay online direct to our upstream provider, Mayfirst/Peoplelink.
    • Cheque: Make your cheque payable to Mayfirst and indicate that it is on behalf of Tachanka! The address is:

May First/People Link
PO Box 1814
New York, NY 10159

IMPORTANT: Please remember to indicate on your payment it is for Tachanka with an invoice number of 2001, and also let us know by sending an email.

  • You live in Europe.
    • Bank transfer: you can pay money for us direct into the Aktivix bank account (please also let us know about this):

account number: 65322561
sort code: 08-92-99
IBAN: GB36 CPBK 0892 9965 3225 61

It is based in the UK and the currency is pounds sterling.

  • Alternatively, you can pay in euros. Please contact us by email indicating how much you would like to contribute and what country you are based in, and someone will respond to you with details of how to best transfer the money. Or, you may pay directly with paypal using the Mayfirst/Peoplelink details above.
  • You live elsewhere.
    If you live somewhere else, you are still able to contribute! You may still be able to donate using one of the above methods, or it may be better to give your donation to a local project that is doing great work - in the spirit of mutual aid - please contact us if you do not know such a local project. Alternatively, you may be able to offer help with support, translations or other skills such as technical knowledge.

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