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Standard Operating Procedures

Providing Virtual Machines

This section describes our current best practices for setting up virtual machines as of 2013. We do have legacy systems or special cases in which the setup does not conform to this policy. We do our best to inform our users about the technical setup of their working environment, and provide support if necessary.

We set up our infrastructure in a way that administrators of the Tachanka! collective have no access to the crytographic keys of the virtual machines. Therefore we actually have very limited knowledge about the data and the activities of our users. This applies to backups as well, in cases where we are making backups.

  • We use one layer of encryption on the host machine.
  • Virtual machines have their own block devices with a second layer of encryption and hence a different key.
  • In this way, users of virtual machines can manage their own LUKS passphrases independently of the Tachanka! collective.

Please take note of this when you request services, support or data from us.