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Tachanka! Communications

The Tachanka! Collective uses a number of different methods of communication, designed to facilitate efficient working whilst maintaining security. The following details some of the ways that you can get in touch with Tachanka! - and Tachanka! can get in touch with you!

Service announcements

tachanka-announce is a low traffic announcement only list used to communicate important changes in services provided by the radical tech collective Tachanka! to end users of these services.

Everybody involved in administration of a vserver hosted by Tachanka! should be subscribed to this list, as it used to communicate important technical changes and downtimes.

User discussion and self help

tachanka-users is a discussion list used by users of services provided by the radical tech collective Tachanka! to exchange related information, experiences, and to support each other.

Everybody involved in administrating or using a vserver hosted by Tachanka! should consider subscribing to this list.

Please keep in mind that Tachanka! consists of volunteers only, as such, while we like to do so, we have limited time to spend on supporting you. For this reason, if you think your non-urgent questions can possibly be answered by fellow Tachanka! users, too, please ask on this mailing list instead of contacting us directly. Tachanka! collective members will also read this mailing list occasionally and answer your questions if noone else knows the answer.

Tachanka! contacts

By Email

There are some service specific contacts. If your inquiry meets these topics, please use them in favor to the general contact.

  • dns@…:: DNS (name to IP address resolution)
  • hosting@…:: hosting (vservers and applications directly run by Tachanka!)
  • tor@…:: the [Tor|] server run by Tachanka!

The general email contact for Tachanka! is contact@….

By Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

For a live chat, we can be found on * on channel #tachanka*.

You can use an IRC client installed on your computer to connect to it. If your IRC client supports SSL encryption, connect to [ircs:// port 6697]. If you cannot use SSL for IRC, please connect to port 6667 instead.

You can also use the web interface with SSL or without SSL using your web browser.

When you join the chat, please be specific and patient while you ask your questions, as, while we're logged in, we may still not be around for several hours (sorry, we're just volunteers, too). There is no need to ask whether it's ok to ask, just ask your questions right away, and, if you need to go, please leave a contact address so we may get back to you, or copy your chat session to an email and dispatch it to us.

Tachanka! emergency contacts

By Email

For emergency email contact, please use the public tachanka-users mailing list. If you would like to discuss sensitive topics, please leave your email address and ask us to get back to you. Or try to catch us on IRC (we will likely be more active there if something's wrong).

By Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

In case the 'shadow' server becomes unavailable, you may meet us on the OFTC IRC network in channel #tachanka.

If you prefer to retain your anonymity, you may do so by connecting to this IRC network through OFTC's hidden Tor node by directing your IRC client to irc://37lnq2veifl4kar7.onion:6667/tachanka - to do the latter, you will need to install the TOR client first.

If, instead, you don't mind about anonymity but would like to SSL encrypt your connection to the IRC server, you may do so by connecting to on port [ircs:// 6697] or [ircs:// 9999].